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The art on this site is divided into categories to help you easily find what you’re looking for.

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About the Gallery

Hi, my name is Rick and I have been sober since November 17, 1987.  My journey in recovery has been the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done for myself.  Each day, I start my day off by praying… “God – help me be of maximum service to you and to your kids. Amen.”  That, in concert with the fact that I learn better through visuals than text, is the reason I’ve created the art on this site (launched on March 5, 2017) to help and inspire my sponsees, my recovery network, and all of God’s kids today.  Feel free to directly share this with anyone in your recovery network you think might be helped too!  The art (and ideas expressed in it) are my experience only – I don’t speak for A.A. as a whole (even though sometimes I think I do…ROFL! 🙂 ).   Just as I am, this site is a daily work in progress!

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Disclaimer:  The majority of these graphics came out of my head, but a few of them I saw elsewhere and reimagined them.  If you, or anyone else believes there is copyright infringements with any of the graphics on this site, please click the Contact Me link above and I will be happy to remove it.  This site does not generate revenue of any kind.  It was designed as a tool to share visual imaging to help those in recovery with their spiritual growth. This site is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous or any of its related service entities.

Tradition 11

In an effort to honor Tradition 11 of Alcoholics Anonymous, I suggest you familiarize yourself with “A.A. Guidelines-Internet” (MG-18), with specific emphasis on the paragraph titled “GENERAL SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES” before sharing any of the art found on this site to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Thanks.